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Dedicated Server plans give maximum control and performance
Server Packages
Spend time managing your business, not your server
We provide fully managed servers for those wanting to invest in quality dedicated servers for online business. When you want a server but not the hassle, this is the place to be. We are certified providers of dedicated servers located at reliable data centers. We accept PayPal, and Credit Card payments.

Managed means we watch over your server. If the server is down, it will be rebooted automatically. If a program crashes, automated monitoring software will see it and fix it. If the monitoring software can't fix it, technicians will be alerted to handle it. We will provide up to 2 hours a month of any kind of server administration beyond our normal management services.

You will receive a web-based control panel to administer the sites on your server, so you do not have to become a server technician to run your business. Additionally your server will receive standard anti-hacker hardening when activated. Self-managed servers are available too, if that's your thing.

Budget servers can cost you time, and their time = your money
Budget server providers do not actually "manage" servers. They reboot servers that have crashed and provide basic updates. Some budget providers won't even contact you if a program crashes. So your email or other critical function may go down for hours.

It's usually up to you to fix it. They may or may not do any troubleshooting for you. They call this "fully managed". If you need something installed, tweaked, fixed or investigated, it can cost you up to $100 per hour. And budget servers are not hardened against the common security threats on activation. That's extra too, if it's offered at all. To save money with these companies, be prepared to be your own server tech. What's your time worth?

Your own server = maximum control
With a regular shared hosting account your website shares a server with hundreds of other sites. Each of them demands server time and power and although we carefully safeguard all accounts each one is potentially a security risk. Your own server gives you total freedom and control, maximum security, and all the power of a server to run your online business. It's okay to be selfish - don't share your space!

Servers Available

Budget Managed Server
2.4 GHz Celeron
single 80 GB hard drive
1200 GB bandwidth/month
cPanel and WHM included!
$150/month, no setup fee

Basic Managed Server
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
single 80 GB hard drive
1200 GB bandwidth/month
cPanel and WHM included!
$190/month, $99 setup fee

Advanced Managed Server
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Hyperthreaded processor
dual 120 GB Hard Drives (one for backups)
1600 GB bandwidth/month
cPanel and WHM included!
$250/month, $99 setup fee
If you need a different configuration, feel free to contact us for a quote based on your needs.


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